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Guest lecture by Dr. Zoya Ulberg, Ukraine

This may be of interest to those of you in the southeast.

--Susan Gawarecki

The Joint Institute for Energy and Environment (JIEE), the Waste

Management Research and Education Institute (WMREI), and the Center for

Environmental Biotechnology (CEB) are co-sponsoring a lecture by a

visiting scientist from the Ukraine. The lecture will be held in the

University of Tennessee Conference Center (4th Floor) at 600 Henley

Street in Knoxville at 3:00pm on April 17, 2001. There will be a

reception following the presentation.

Dr. Zoya Ulberg is Professor and Director of the Institute of

Biocolloidal Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. She

will be delivering two reports. One will be on the public communication

about Chernobyl, the disaster consequences: natural, medical, social and

financial. This report is intended for a wide audience. The second

report will deal with the remediation of soils contaminated by heavy

metals and radionuclides.

Her academic education consists of engineering and chemistry degrees

from Kiev Polytechnic Institute in 1959 and post-graduate work from the

Department of Colloid  Chemistry at the Institute of Colloid and Water

Chemistry, National  Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, 1966. She

earned a Doctor of Sciences degree in Chemistry in 1975 from the

Institute of Colloid and Water Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences

of Ukraine where she specialized  in colloid chemistry.

Dr. Ulberg is the author of two USSR Discoveries: "The phenomenon of

selective interaction between microorganisms and particles of minerals

and metals," and "The  phenomenon of diffusiophoresis--movement of

colloid particles in a field of electrolyte concentration gradient." She

is the author of 250 scientific papers and 4 monographs.

You may park in the new Locust Street Parking Garage across the street

from the Conference Center. It is in the block bordered by Locust

Street, Union Avenue, Walnut Street, and Clinch Avenue. The entrance to

the parking garage is on Walnut Street. From Henley Street you will turn

onto Church Street (one way) going toward downtown. Two blocks up you

will turn left onto Walnut (one way). Go across Clinch Avenue to about

the middle of the next block and turn left into the parking garage.

Bring your parking ticket to the Conference Center and you will be

issued a parking sticker which entitle you to free parking. Please note

that there are several parking garages in the downtown area. We can only

validate parking for the Locust Street Garage.

Please contact Jane Johns (phone: 974-3939, e-mail: jjohns1@utk.edu) if

you plan to attend.

We look forward to seeing you on April 17 at 3:00pm in the University of

Tennessee Conference Center (4th Floor) at 600 Henley Street, Knoxville.



Susan L. Gawarecki, Ph.D., Executive Director

Oak Ridge Reservation Local Oversight Committee


A schedule of meetings on DOE issues is posted on our Web site

http://www.local-oversight.org/meetings.html - E-mail loc@icx.net



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