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Radon epidemiology - Schneeberg Study

Fritz Seiler,

Why all the bravado?  I have just finished reading the long Schneeberg 

manuscript at the site that was posted.

What do you think is well done?

As usual, I fear you embrace the results without looking at the methods.

Jim Nelson   nelsonjima@hotmail.com


    Hi All,

     The Schneeberg report has just given Bernie Cohen, Joe Alvarez

and myself a beautiful Easter Egg!  That is a wonderful confirmation of 

Bernie Cohen's much maligned data and a push for his and our analysis.  All 

you have to do is to compare the figure in the Schneeberg Study with Fig. 1 

of our analysis in, Seiler, F.A., and J.L. Alvarez, "Is the' Ecological 

Fallacy' a Fallacy?" Hum. Ecol.  Risk  Assess.  6, 921-941 (2000).

and voila!  Well done, Schneeberg authors! I send this also to

RASA-EU and hope to reach you that way.  Ich wuensche Euch Allen Schoene


Happy Weekend,



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