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Chernobyl anniversary stories

Dear Editor;

Your choice of comments to commemorate the Chernobyl disaster are

deeply disappointing. There have been several extensive scientific

assessments of the health effects of that event. Such efforts were

conducted by large numbers of health physicists and other experts who

are active in their specialties. Major assessments were conducted ten

years after the event and again after fourteen years. Findings  have

been published by the UNSCEAR and IAEA (United Nations agencies) among


Contrary to claims by the Ukrainian Government, there is no evidence

of 4,000 deaths or 70,000 persons disabled by the Chernobyl

explosion.  In fact, approximately 100 workers lost their lives in the

explosion or in the immediate attempts to contain the radioactive and

chemical aftermath. And about 1800 youngsters have thyroid cancer that

may have resulted from the disaster.  Thyroid cancers are easily

treated and are curable. There is no evidence of any other local,

national, or international health effects from the Chernobyl

explosion.  The suggestion of 70,000 or 7 million affected people is

ludicrous. An explanation lies, however, in your own report of the

millions of international dollars furnished to the region for cleanup

operations. The contributions from the rest of the world  are

proportional to the number of victims that can be claimed.

One ready source of Chernobyl truths is:


I hope you might publish an amplification of the truth about Chernobyl

to refute the imaginary claims by those wanting to be reimbursed for

the magnitude of their science fiction.

Sincerely yours,

Maurice Siskel, Jr.

4516 Cummings Drive

Ft. Worth, TX 76180

817-498-7135          maury@webtexas.com


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