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Suspicious Email Text

Sorry friends,

I left out the email in question before. Here it is:

Anyone know these people?

> Dear Sharyn:


> I am writing to you from Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, so as to ask for your help

> and 

> advice with regards to Radiation Safety.  I was given your name by Karin 

> Gordon, the Radiation Safety Coordinator in Winnipeg, Canada.


> I have been working as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist for the past 16

> years 

> during which I've had the opportunity to acquire experience both in P.E.T.


> and bone densitometry.  Last week, I started a new job at the North West 

> Armed Forces Hospital, again as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist.  I have 

> since been told that I will also be acting a Radiation Safety Officer, not


> only for the hospital, but for the whole of the Tabuk region.  I am told 

> some of the tasks involve checking for radiation leaks from X-ray/CT 

> equipment, keeping radiation dosimetry records, etc.  Although I am

> capable 

> of dealing with everything pertaining to Nuclear Medicine, I feel that my 

> knowledge on Radiation Safety as a whole is very limited.  Could you

> please 

> offer me any suggestions on books and/or long-distance courses that might

> be 

> able to give me an overview of the various duties of a RSO.


> I am using the services of the Health Management Research Consultant in

> the 

> Health Sciences Library including the library's email: 

> librarynwafh@hotmail.com


> I appreciate any help you can give me.  Thank you.


> Kind Regards,


> Louise Knott



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