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Ecologic Limitations


 From: Muckerheide <muckerheide@MEDIAONE.NET> 

The primary factor in a 'case-control' study is knowing the dose to 


individual. Radon case-control studies do NOT know the dose to the



PLEASE take the time to learn the limitations of the various 

epidemiologic designs.  I know of no credible, published 

epidemiologist that seriously considers Cohen's finding plausible.  

For example, Jay Lubin pointed out that "There is still substantial 

confusion in the radiation effects community about the inherent 

limitations of ecologic analysis. As a result, inordinate attention 

has been given to the discrepant results of Cohen, in which a 

negative estimate is observed for the regression of county mortality 

rates for lung cancer on estimated county radon levels. Since adverse 

effects for radon at low exposures are supported by analysis of miner 

data (all data and data restricted only to low cumulative exposures), 

a meta-analysis of indoor radon studies, and molecular and cellular 

studies, and since ecologic regressions are burdened by severe 

limitations, the negative results from Cohen's analysis are most 

likely due to bias and should be rejected." 

Apparently, the confusion still exists.

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