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Re: Response to Mr. Stroud RE: CO Pocket Dos. Req.

> the overwhelming majority of the

> responses do not support your position.

Majority rule doesn't have anything to do with good radiation safety practices. If it 

were up to the majority, there would be much less of anything with respect to 

radiation safety practices, including training, oversight, surveys, dosimetry, etc.

In my opinion, where there is a lack of oversight, and there is a real exposure that 

exceeds a regulatory limit, where it could have been prevented, secondary 

dosimetry should be a requirement. I don't see the requirement as punishment, 

rather I see the need as being prudent. Considering that radiographers are 

notorious for radiation dose issues and incidents, how can anyone question the 

need for secondary dosimetry? Yes, the power reactors require additional 

dosimetry, and ANI requires it. This is not bad. This is a good thing.


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