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RE: (Mostly off-topic) Fallout and PTSD and Contingency Fees

Title: Re: (Mostly off-topic) Fallout and PTSD and Contingenc
Paul lavely wrote:
<<I am sure you can show that the media was not accurate; however, did they knowingly or intentionally publish incorrect information about TMI intended to cause fear? Seems like all they needed to do to accurately publish information they were hearing from the government and "experts."
A good movie re. this point was Absence of Malice (Paul Newman and Sally Field).
So did the TMI event cause the PTSD? Probably and reasonably, no. But the confusion after the event may have. Assuming that the confusion was not intentional, was it the result of negligence? That would be very hard to show.
They can be excused initially. They can even escape accountability by merely quoting people who "believe" that what they're saying is true. Until these people are held accountable and a jury determines which way to roll the dice. Their usual tactic is to phrase the absurdity as a question, the most famous being "when did you quit beating your wife?".
Isn't this the purpose of money? Money gives you the ability to live in a "nice area" - low crime, not near industry or pollution (far away from the pig farms?), and that the government will work to assure your investment (that is what zoning is about). I would like to see the law/rule that will force the equalization of risks. Hum? Who makes those laws/rules? Who influences them the most? I am sure that it is not the poor.>>
Even when the pig farm is there first they get shut down by people moving in and then complaining about the smell. Or building next to the airport and complaining about the noise. The only way to "balance" the risk is by showing that minorities are being indirectly more burdened by the policy.

Jack Earley
Radiological Engineer