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radioactive materials shipments

This is a heads up for anyone who uses an "overnight" carrier for

radioactive materials shipments.

We recently had a radioactive shipment returned to us, since the carrier

no longer accepts radioactive materials shipments that weigh more than

150 pounds.  Unfortunately, we were not informed of this policy when we

scheduled the shipment, even though the carrier representative asked for

the weight at the time of scheduling; nor at the time the package was

picked up.  This resulted in considerable delay and expense.

Although there's no sure way to avoid these snafu's, I suggest that you

discuss all radioactive materials shipments with a knowledgable carrier

representative.  Specifically ask whether the carrier has any of its own

limits on parameters such as weight, activity, dose rate, package

dimensions, etc.

BTW, we did find another "overnight" carrier to accept the shipment.

The opinions expressed are strictly mine.

It's not about dose, it's about trust.

Curies forever.

Bill Lipton



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