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Re: Indian Scientists Use Radiation to Cure Flatulence

I can recall seeing similar research touted in Nuclear News in the mid-1980s. The benefits of irradiating various types of legumes with massive doses of gamma rays to break down complex polysaccharides which leads to reduced flatulence has been well established for over 15 years. Given some of the superfluous gaseous and generally odious rhetoric of some folks like  Russel Hoffman and Rosalie Bertell which has been posted to Radsafe of late, perhaps they could benefit by having their diet irradiated. Who knows?

Stewart Farber
email: SAFarberMSPH@cs.com

In a message dated 3/27/02 3:40:36 PM Pacific Standard Time, phil.egidi@state.co.us writes:

I saw this just now on Yahoo news and had to pass it on!  Please no
jokes as to whether this story stinks or not.
Phil Egidi

Indian Scientists Use Radiation to Cure Flatulence
Wed Mar 27, 2:35 PM ET

LONDON (Reuters) - Indian scientists have come up with a cure for
flatulence, by blasting guilty foodstuffs such as beans with gamma rays