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Thank you for your comment.

I have to clarify that my country didn't adopt 0,114 microSv/h as a "derived

limit" so that  compliance with it could ensure compliance with the REAL

REGULATORY LIMIT of 1 mSv/h (Effective Dose).

My post meant to know if it is reasonable for a hp or an inspector to claim

that "SINCE the annual regulatory limit is 1 mSv/y THEN the limit in an hour

in a location MUST BE 0,114 microSv/h IN EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE, even if NOBODY

stays in that location or if somebody stays 1 or so hours per year".

So an instrument MUST read ALWAYS LESS than 0,114 microSv/h.

In other words, they assume a MODEL in wich a member of the public stays in

that location 8760 hours/y, without regard to the real situation, and

claiming that that is what the regulation IMPLIES (hypothesis of the Maximum

individual); that's to say, they INVENT the derived limit of 0,114 microSv/h

and claim that it is a regulatory limit.

I think that this model is unreasonable.

As to your resume of the ICRP 60, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in


Quintino De Notariis

Il giorno 11-09-2002 18:04, J. J. Rozental, jrozental@hotmail.com ha



> The term limit should only be used for a criterion that must not be

> exceeded.

> Many countries adopt the derived limit: A limit on a measurable quantity

> set, on the basis of a model, such that compliance with the derived limit

> may be assumed to ensure compliance with a primary limit.


> The ICRP limit of 1mSv is the total dose which should arise from all

> man-made sources of radiation exposure (excluding medical procedures).

> Dose limits for skin and lens of the eye are 50 mSv and 15 mSv per year,

> respectively.


> If you are interested I can send by e-mail a resume in power point of the

> ICRP 60, interesting to explain the System.


> Jose Julio Rozental

> jrozental@hotmail.com

> Madrid, until 2-10-2002


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