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Re: "Perception is reality"

But your "double standard" is that you ONLY base your case on personal

attacks! At least some of us base the case on facts, logic, and objective

assessment, and only get to "personal attacks" when actually engaging your

"non-arguments." :-)

Even "It's not about dose, it's about trust" is solely a personal attack!

["Curies forever" however, is not :-) ]

Regards, Jim

on 9/18/02 7:18 AM, William V Lipton at liptonw@dteenergy.com wrote:

> I am astounded, and would be laughing, if it weren't so sad, that those who

> propose

> countering perception with logic and facts inevitably seem to base their case

> on

> personal attacks.


> The opinions expressed are strictly mine.

> It's not about dose, it's about trust.

> Curies forever.


> Bill Lipton

> liptonw@dteenergy.com


> Muckerheide wrote:


>> Hi Mike,

>> You're wrong here. :-)


>> This statement is simply a point of fact well made!


>> You have a double standard.


>> This is in fact much MORE professional, and LESS discourteous, than:

>> "Perception is reality," and that people who either tell the truth, or

>> propose that we tell the truth, are "arrogant" and ignorant. (I'm NOT

>> suggesting that such statements be a cause for "disciplinary action!")


>> Note: "professional" means acting as one who has a profession. It does not

>> mean (as it has become applied): have a nice demeanor, kiss ass, defer to

>> "authority," etc. (that's a bureaucrat.) As I told a Sr. VP once, "when you

>> say we're supposed to "act professional" you mean we should "smile when 'our

>> betters' stick it to us." Nukes will be out in the cold while their

>> "betters" climb the corporate/bureaucratic ladders when they decide that the

>> truth about nuclear technology and radiation should not be addressed, and

>> the nukes are too stupid, gullible, and/or bought off today, to realize that

>> they and their profession are being sold out, along with the benefits it can

>> bring to the world.


>> The significance of these issues, to stop the destruction of society, to

>> abandoning our grandchildren to global conflicts and economic privation, for

>> the self-aggrandizing of the powerful and their minions, misleading the

>> gullible and buying the rest, which are NOT matters within the realm of

>> "profession" or "objectivity," nor are "socially acceptable" no matter how

>> well they dress up, travel to nice meetings in nice places in the world,

>> speak the King's English to the rabble, and knife anyone in the back that

>> doesn't "go along" is a 'cosa nostra' standard of no integrity or moral

>> validity.


>> Please consider a more objective standard for the context of the differences

>> between "professional/technical" and "non-professional/policy-political"

>> discourse, and the significance of the issues to the profession and the

>> world.


>> Thanks.

>> Regards, Jim


>> on 9/17/02 10:17 PM, Michael G. Stabin at michael.g.stabin@vanderbilt.edu

>> wrote:



>>>> To those who sincerely believe that perception is reality:

>>>> It is my perception that you are a pack of idiots! Therefore, ---------


>>> Disclaimers aside, this is the kind of statement that could have been (and

>>> probably was) perceived by one or more listmembers to be directed at them. I

>>> normally send my own admonishments about misbehavior off-line, but I want to

>>> state that this is not appropriate list language. You can always take this

>>> kind of thing off-list, and let rip whatever comments you want between you

>>> and

>>> any individual(s). Any consequences are then between you, the individual(s),

>>> your employers, and the courts. On the list, let's keep it professional and

>>> courteous, please. We don't need the clutter and we don't need the potential

>>> misunderstandings (which usually generate MORE clutter). Thanks.


>>> Mike


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