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HP Position Opening

Thomas Gray & Associates has a position opening in the Southern

California area, for a Health Physicist. Please e-mail resumés, CVs, and

salary requirements to hr[at]tgainc.com

Scope of Work

EH&S Health Physicist


This contract position will support Environmental Health & Safety

technical programs and activities with specific emphasis in radiation

safety programs.


The contract Health Physicist will perform the following duties

* Implement radiation safety policies and procedures.

* Assist in authorizing new users of radioactive materials as


* Manage the radioactive waste program, including coordination of 

disposal activities.                     

  ˇ  Review qualifications of researchers and adequacy of lab equipment

for proposed radioactive material use.

  ˇ  Conduct routine, unannounced inspections of laboratories using

radioactive materials.

  ˇ  Verify researcher compliance with license conditions.

  ˇ  Control radioactive material inventory to ensure compliance with

License limits.

  ˇ  Assist researchers in spill control; investigate cause and

recommend corrective actions.

  ˇ  Performs monthly surveys for radioactive contamination in


  ˇ  Performs radioactive package receipt, inventory, surveys, and


  ˇ  Assists in conducting periodic reviews of labs to provide feedback

on compliance issues.  

  ˇ  Assists radiation safety staff in remediation of radioactive

material spills.

  ˇ  Assists in investigating safety inquiries, complaints and

compliance problems.

  ˇ  Prepares transfer shipments of radioactive materials.

  ˇ  Participates in work group safety activities, meetings,

discussions, etc.

  ˇ  Performs radiation safety programs administrative functions as

needed, including:

  ˇ  Coordination of external dosimetry exchanges with staff.

  ˇ  Updates radiation survey instrument calibration database.

  ˇ  Inputs computer data into radiation safety program databases.

  ˇ  Files radiation safety programs records.

  ˇ  Schedules radiation safety training classes.

General Background

This position is an ongoing responsibility of the EH&S department to

fulfill requirements of a Radioactive Material License issued by an

agreement state.

Technical Requirements

Minimum Requirements of Candidate

   Preferred Experience

* College and advanced degree in Environmental Health, Occupational

Safety, Industrial Hygiene, Health Physics or related field

* 24-Hour Hazardous Waste Technician Certification


   Physical Requirements

* Standing, walking, 50 percent or more of the time worked.

* Ability to lift 50 lb.

* Ability to wear personal respirator


This position requires at least three years of related safety experience

as an EH&S Health Physicist.  Advanced degree in Health Physics


Necessary Skills:

The candidate must have good verbal and written communications skills as

well as problem solving skills.  The candidate must have the ability to

manage projects independently with limited oversight. General knowledge

and experience using computer applications (FileMaker Pro, MS Word,

Excel) is required.  Data entry is compliance driven, so accuracy is

critical. The individual must be able to wear a personal respirator.

24-hour Hazardous Waste

Technician Certification is preferred.    


The contract position should be available to work during the company's

normal business hours (8:30-5:30). 

Special Considerations

An office cubical and necessary equipment to perform tasks. 

Please e-mail resumés, CVs, and salary requirements to hr[at]tgainc.com


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