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RE: LSC Standards


Isotope Products Laboratories (isotopeproducts.com).  Note that anything other than C-14 or H-3 is likely to be a custom order.  I'm very curious to know whether anyone routinely manufactures, say, Cl-36, or Sr-90 standards



Russ Johnson <rujohnso@nmsu.edu> wrote:


>Our office will be procuring a liquid scintillation counter in the very

>near future. I am looking for a source to buy some liquid standards.

>Most companies I've seen when browsing the web only advertise H-3 and

>C-14 standards for their units. But, we also will need counting

>capability for several other isotopes, both beta and alpha emitters.

>Does anyone have a US-based commercial source for standards other than

>H-3 and C-14? I'm new at scintillation counting, so any advice is

>appreciated. Please reply to my email address. Thanks.

>-Russ Johnson, Rad Safety Specialist

>  EH&S office

>  New Mexico State University


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