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George J. Vargo vargo at physicist.net
Thu May 5 05:43:19 CEST 2005

The existing 29 CFR 1910.96 is hopelessly obsolete, as it is largely a
mirror image of the 1963 version of 10 CFR 20 - right down to 5(N-18) and
quarterly limits.  There are a number of Federal activities, particularly in
the homeland security, transportation security, customs, and border
protection in which the use of ionizing radiation has expanded tremendously
and I think OSHA has a responsibility to take a fresh look at these
activities.  It would certainly be appropriate for OSHA at the very least to
harmonize its standards with the 1987 Presidential Guidance and the 1994
version of 10 CFR 20.

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Below is a link to a Federal Register notice from OSHA requesting
information about occupational exposures to ionizing radiation.  Their
questions are breathtaking in scope.  This presumably reflects the size
of their ambitions.  


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