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Re: Microwave Radiation

> I am interested in texts which provide information on safety, 
> shielding and survey instrumentation for microwave radiation from a 
> general point of view. The specific case is a 25 Mwatt source. Any 
> suggestions will be appreciated. My thanks in advance to all who 
> respond! 

Three places to start would be:

J. A. Dennis, C. R. Muirhead, and J. R. Ennis, Human Health and Exposure to 
Electromagnetic Radiation (NRPB-R241), National Radiological Protection 
Board, Chilton, (1993). 

R.C. Petersen, Radiofrequency/microwave protection guides, Health Phys. 61:59-
67 (1991).

Americal National Standards Institute, Safety levels with respoect to human 
exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields 300 kHz to 100 GHz.  New 
York, New York:  ANSI; ANSI C95.1 (1992).

BTW:  Does anyone know where to order a copy of the latest ANSI C91.1 
standard.  I have the older version (1982).

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