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teletherapy source

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In a message of <15 Dec 93  11:57:45>, Brian Wimmer states:

 >We are currently trying to get rid of a teletherapy source.  It is 
 >approx. 1000 Ci of Cs-137.  We have a estimate from Neutron Prod. in 
 >Maryland and from ADCO. 
 >Does anybody have any info about or experience with Neutron Prod?
 >Has anyone dealt with this before?
 >Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(Hi Brian, is this the source from the Hogan basement?  Did I ever tell you where the fuses were?)

Neutron Products has a fair amount of experience dealing with sources.  However, I was more interested in their reciprocity status than their actual ability to do the job (they were frequencly in Texas under reciprocity).  You might want to check with IDNS to see what their licensing/reciprocity status is and whether they have had any problems with them.

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