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NE neutron NM2 meter

Jeff Pettigrew writes:
>If so, where might one have such a meter repaired?
>The factory in the UK wants 5000 USD to repair it, sight unseen.


I have one of these and needed to get it calibrated. I called the
NE office in Monmouth, NJ and spoke to Mark Deacon who says
Eberline will calibrate these (and also repair if I'm not
mistaken). The NE office is:

Mark Deacon
NE Technology Inc.
Princeton Corporate Plaza
9 Deer Park Drive Suite 110
Monmouth, NJ  08852
(908) 329-1177

My meter was calibrated by Eberline back in Oct and they didn't
go above 2 mSv/hr or below 20 uSv/hr (probably limited by
Po-Be source strength).

Hope this helps, let me know if you need more info.

Jeffrey Leavey      certhp@vnet.ibm.com
X-ray Lithography Program - IBM Corp.
East Fishkill, NY  12533 - 914-892-4595