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Copy of: What are 29 CFR 1910.96 and 29 CFR 1910.97??

Original message: "What are 29 CFR 1910.96 and 29 CFR 1910.97??" [#8667655]
From: <<root@romulus.ehs.uiuc.edu>>
We put in a number of grant proposals to the US Army Breast Cancer Research 
Program.  Now we need to file a "Memorandum of Environmental and Safety 
Analysis".   Among the long list of documentation they want is the following 

"(9) Provide the following information concerning compliance with regulatory 
requirements if the proposed research involves the use of ionizing and non-
ionizing radiation:
     (a) Ionizing radiation, in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.96, which 
includes radioactive materials and x-rays
     (b) Non-ionizing radiation:
          (i) Information regarding compliance with 29 CFR 1910.97, which 
includes the use of radio-frequency and microwave radiation sources."

Can anyone tell me what 29 CFR 1910.96 and 29 CFR 1910.97 are and/or where to 
get copies?  Our radiation physics and radiation safety people claim to have 
never heard of them.

John Moulder (jmoulder@its.mcw.edu)      414-266-4670
Radiation Biology Group
Medical College of Wisconsin

Response #1:  VERNIG,PETER
Title 29 are the regulations of the Occupational Safety and
Health Act (OSHA).  1910.96 are the ionising radiation regs & I assume
1910.97 is nonionizing.  1910.96 was cribbed from NRC regs 20 years ago
when OSHA was established and it wasn't a partiularly good job.  Check
with your safety office for copies or OSHA or Government Printing Office.
Peter Vernig, RSO VA Med Center Denver