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RE: Re[3]: Personnel Dosimetry Records

In Message Thu, 11 Jul 96 14:41:06 -0500, sandy_perle@email.fpl.com writes:

>     The only requirement is that the worker be notified of his/her
>     exposure on an annual basis. It makes sense to inform them on a
>     frequent basis. <SNIP>
>     It is also an issue of cost.. Cheaper to post, provide a copy to
>     supervisors .. than to issue a report to each worker. In our case,
>     that's over 3,000 workers average per month and 6,000 during outages.
Alas!  In this day of e-mail and computer access, it is still cheaper to
post personal information on the wall then to notify workers electronically,
automatically.  Note: badge companies:  PLEASE come up with a method of
notifying INDIVIDUALS via e-mail of their individual exposures.  This will
prevent people from not wearing their badges to avoid having their boss get
angry over a few mR exposure.
William G. Nabor
University of California, Irvine
EH&S Office
Irvine, CA,  92697-2725