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RE: E-mailing dose records -Reply

Jim, I've not seen that movie, nor am I familiar with that theory of 
dosimetry.  But what the heck, if you talk about it enough, it could come to 
pass, maybe?  I don't know.  But thanks at least for reading it and letting 
me know it got out.  They don't send it back to me.  <GRIN>  CULater.....


From: radsafe
To: Multiple recipients of list
Subject: RE: E-mailing dose records -Reply
Date: Saturday, July 13, 1996 4:37PM

Hey Bill ... I thought that I was the only one who subscribed
to the "Demolition Man ... everybody's LoJacked" theory of
dosimetry <grin>. Why don't we turn this matter over to the
FBI and the White House ... oops, I don't guess THAT will
work either.

Jim Hardeman

>>> Spell, Bill <bills@deq.state.la.us> 07/12/96 16:31pm

But who knows what the future holds?  When every individual
working in the  radiation industry (including physicians,
dentists, scientists, reactor  personnel, regulators such as
myself, etc.) is tracked through a GPS system  from a
microtransmitter implanted at birth (complete with Social
Security  number), the solution may become obvious.