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Date:          Thu, 18 Jul 96 08:10:52 -0500
Reply-to:      radsafe@romulus.ehs.uiuc.edu
To:            Multiple recipients of list <radsafe@romulus.ehs.uiuc.edu>
Subject:       MIRD2

     Greetings All,
        I am muddling through the MIRD2 program to determine a dose to the 
     uterus from I-131 (source organ: thyroid). Can anyone with experience 
     on this software tell me how to determine the residency time for the 
     source organ? Also I heard sometime ago that a new version was in the 
     works that includes a pregnant reference female. Is this updated 
     version availabe yet?
                        P. John Zoll
                        Health Physics Office
                        Womack Army Medical Center

You can find information on how to obtain, free, mirdose 3 and 
additional software relating to childrens' doses and doses to the 
embryo fetus at http://www.orau.gov/ehsd/ridic.htm.  

                               Happy surfin'

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