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Academic RSO Survey

Scott Webb at Colo. State requested info on University structures.  I sent
him a summary of the Survey I performed on RADSAFE in Feb-Mar of this year.
The final count of responding Universities was 85, of which about 75 were
in the U.S.  I currently am up to about 150 Universities, and have had
numerous requests to re-do the Survey.  So, as soon as I can recover from
the Seattle conference (That is, find my desk), I will re-issue the
Academic RSO Survey.  If any RADSAFers have suggestions about what to
survey, please send me comments.  Currently, I am tallying the Level of
reporting of the RSO, the number of persons reporting to the RSO, the
number of Authorized Users of Radioactive Materials, the number of Film
Badges, the level of certification of the RSO, and the Salary of the RSO.
I don't want to make the RSO survey too complicated.  I am currently
limiting the Survey to Academic, non-medical RSOs, unless the RSO is
also a Medical RSO.
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