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Re: beta reference....

If your sample or measurement conditions may be controlled for
reproducibility to account for scattering and attenuation effects (and your
needs and budget can justify the expenditure, although equipment may be
available elsewhere within NIST), beta spectroscopy can be performed to
yield more discriminating energy determinations as well as quantitative rate
measurements. If you are interested, contact me directly for suggestions,
coutions and practical considerations.

Bob Hearn

At 06:16 AM 8/20/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Does anyone know of a good beta energy reference which lists betas by
energy and subsequently the 
>identifying nuclide..?......Like the ones typically used for identifying
unknown gammas.  Either 
>printed or electronic media is fine.
>Dave Brown, chp
>NIST Reactor Health Physics
>Gaithersburg, MD
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by my employer....