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Re[2]: CR/5849 & Release Criteria

     also note NRC Temporary Instruction 2800/026, "Followup Inspection of 
     Formerly Licensed Sites Identified as Potentially Contaminated." 
This document has relevant information on cleanup criteria.

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Subject: Re: CR/5849 & Release Criteria
Author:  radsafe@romulus.ehs.uiuc.edu at Internet
Date:    2/28/97 11:23 AM

At 07:03 AM 2/28/97 -0600, you wrote:
>In response to the issue raised by Barber, there is a 1992-1993 
>(originally issued in 1992 and reprinted in 1993) NUREG/CR-5849 
>(CR is for contract report) titled "Manual for Conducting 
>Radiological Surveys in Support of License Termination."  This is 
>draft report for comment and was prepared by Oak Ridge Associated 
>Universities.  It also carries the number ORAU-92/C57.  This came 
>out along with a number of other documents related to release 
>including NUREG/CR-5512 "Residual Radioactive Contamination From 
>Decommissioning" 1992 and NUREG-1500 "Working Draft Regulatory 
>Guide on Release Criteria for Decommissioning: NRC Staff's Draft 
>for Comment" 1994.  All of this is likely to be replaced by the 
>NRC's efforts to develop new cleanup criteria.  The survey and 
>measurement information will be replaced by the "Multi-Agency 
>Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual," known as >MARSSIM, 
which is being developed by NRC, EPA, DOE, and DOD.  A >draft 
MARSSIM (NUREG-1575, EPA 402-R-96-018, NTIS-PB97-117659), >for 
public comment was issued in December 1996 and
>at least was available by faxing the NRC Distribution Service at 
You can also find the MARSSIM document online at
If you plan on printing, make sure you have a lot of paper and a relatively 
new toner cartridge.
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