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re: Radioactive/EPA Hazardous Liquid Waste

     Carol -

     If you hold a full container of RCRA regulated waste for greater than 90
     days you probably need a Part B TSDF permit for your facility.The EPA
     published a policy statement in the Federal Register (August 29, 1991 page
     42730-42734) on the storage of mixed waste.  Basically they would relax the
     enforcement of some regulations, but you still needed a storage permit for
     greater than 90 days.  Since then however, processors such as DSSI in
     Tennessee and PermaFix in Florida have expanded the management options of
     mixed waste, so the EPA may be less forgiving then they were in 1991.

     If you would like more information, contact me directly.

     Mike Vala
     Bristol-Myers Squibb

     <Does anyone out there know how the EPA regards mixed waste stored for
     <decay for
     <more than 90 days? Has the EPA published any notices regarding how their
     <inspectors will cite mixed waste held for decay?
     <Carol Lentz
     <Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research