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Re[2]: Microwave Heaters

     Franz Schoenhofer wrote:
     >I remember very well, that there were once ideas of heating rooms by
     >infrared radiation. It must have been at least 35, rather 40 years
     >ago, that I observed at an exhibition a revolutionary concept using
     >infrared radiation. I remember that I was in a room, which was heated
     >by infrared panels (?) on the wall.
     >I have never heard anything about this concept again. Does any
     >radsafer remember more than I? Actually this is the old principle of
     >a tiled stove, isn't it?

     This concept is used to a limited extent. It's used mostly in cases
     where there is a small area of a large building that is occupied
     consistently, such as a clerk counter in a warehouse, or where air
     exchange makes hot air heating unfeasible, such as an entrance foyer.
     They are also ceiling mounted units, rather than wall panels.

     Dave Neil