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Re[2]: Japanese Accident -Reply

Amen, Joyce! Very good point. Note that there is even an Int'l Conf on "10
years after Goiana". How many industrial accidents kill how many thousands of
people, workers and the public, in ten years, yet we waste massive funds on
examination of such "tragedies" because, and to achieve, the inordinate
special circumstance and justification of the "radiation bogeyman". (While
real significant human risks go largely unaddressed.) 


Regards, Jim Muckerheide

> RE the discussion of the newsworthiness of accidents at nuclear
> facilities. 
>   It seems that potential widespread effects, however improbable, is
> much more newsworthy than actual worker death from non-radiation
> causes.  Case in point: the Oak Ridge welder burned to death last month.
>  It happened at a "nuclear" facility, but the story was only picked up in
> the local papers.  It seems that death by fire must be such a common
> workplace occurrence, or is so acceptable to the public, that even the
> nuclear connection was not enough to raise it to national attention. 
> (Imagine what would have happened if someone had been killed by
> ionizing radiation at Oak Ridge!).   I don't know if this situation is good or
> bad.  Good: Nuclear facilitiy event treated as No Big Deal.  Bad:  Probably
> preventable death of someone working in a major governmental facility is
> ignored .    Overall ??
> Only ther opinion of
> J P Davis
> joyced@dnfsb.gov