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Re: Fire at Oak Ridge K-25 Plant

     Ditto for me too, I missed any postings on the topic... there is a lot 
     of interest in this topic right now and rather a paucity of 
     information.  Best info I've heard so far has it that he had used the 
     oxygen line from his torch to cool the inside of his Anti-C's and then 
     caught fire while relighting.  I've also heard some speculation that 
     it wasn't pure oxygen but also contained some acetylene...
     Note that this is really nopthing more than third or fourth hand 
     speculation - which is all we're likely to see until the investigation 
     is done.  None-the-less, I'd like to hear whatever anyone else has 
     heard.  (Should probably send email to me only to avoid clogging up 
     rad-safe... which is flowing at about the right volume presently).
     Jeff King
     DOE Facility Representative
     In-Tank Precipitation Facility
     Savannah River Operations Office

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Subject: Fire at Oak Ridge K-25 Plant
Author:  WERNER.K.PAULHARDT@bge.com at Mailhub
Date:    3/20/97 9:49 AM

     Can anyone provide me with information pertaining to the fire at the 
     Oak Ridge K-25 plant (back on Feb 13, 1997) concerning a welder who was 
     fatally burned wearing AntiCs?  Sorry for the tardiness, I was not yet 
     subscribed back then and I understand information was put out on 
     RADSAFE.  Please send it to my eMail address: 
     Thanks in advance,
     Werner Paulhardt
     Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant
     fax (410) 495 3980