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     I am requesting assistance in determining the procedures for further
reductions in our personnel monitoring program for 32-P users.

     At UCI, many individuals who currently have both body and ring badges
work with 32-P in quantities below the levels at which we would require that
they wear badges for our own administrative purposes (currently 10 mCi or
more handled at one time for an adult or declared pregnant woman if this
activity is well-shielded during both storage and use).  Note that no one
who uses 32-P at UCI would be required to be monitored under the new 10 CFR
Part 20.

     We have eliminated dosimetry for a number of individuals (~100) in this
category, but we still have a large number who have indicated that they do
not want to discontinue all dosimetry.  No one in this latter group has
received a detectable recorded dose (on EITHER body badge or ring badge) in
many years.  [A few researchers who occasionally use larger quantities have
received detectable ring badge, but not body badge, doses in the recent past.]

     Since 32-P is a pure beta emitter, we are not monitoring these
researchers for deep dose equivalent (stochastic effects), but only for
shallow dose equivalent (deterministic/nonstochastic  effects), so
[some?/most?/all?] of the legal arguments for overbadging do not apply.

     In order to reduce costs, we are considering eliminating either body or
ring badges (but not both) for these individuals.  If we do so, which BADGE
do you think we should ELIMINATE?
          Body_______; Ring________; Neither, Keep Both___________.

     I would appreciate receiving any specific comments you care to make.

     Please FORWARD your answers to me at fegallag@uci.edu and I will post a
summary to radsafe.  Thank you for your assistance.

Frank E. Gallagher, III, CHP       |   300 University Tower
Manager, Radiation Protection,     |   Irvine, CA   92697-2725
  and Radiation Safety Officer     |     E-mail: fegallag@uci.edu
Environmental Health and Safety    |     Office: (714) 824-6904
University of California, Irvine   |     Fax:    (714) 824-8539