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Re: Thorium brick

At 03:53 PM 4/29/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Depending on the industry, what you may be seeing is NORM deposition on the
>brick.  The rare earth and petrochemical industries have been dealing with
>this for sometime.  Depending on whether the state has regulations concerning
>NORM will determine the disposal criteria.  Also, if there are any rad levels
>on the brick, it may set off the alarms at the landfill and cause the
>landfill not to except the waste regardless of the status of the states NORM
>regulations.  As far as it being a mixed waste will depend on the industry it
>was used in.  We have seen brick with high concentrations of HCl and other
>potentially hazardous constituents.  The limit for NORM in most states with
>regs is 5 pCi/gm Ra-226 or Ra-228.  We have seen brick with levels greater
>than 200 pCi/gm.
>Mitchell Davis, RRPT
>Health Physicist
>American Radiation Services, Inc

Thanks for your reply.  Regarding alarms at the landfill, that's exactly
what happened with this waste.  Will probably separate the NORM from the
rest (steel, etc.), and dispose of the NORM.
=-=-=  Joel