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Re: New Jersey School Incident

Today I read the article about the rock found in the NJ high school a 
few days ago. I saw the picture of the two hazmat people dressed in 
lead aprons (one with a smiling face) who handled the rock. My 
reaction was one of extreme sadness. The whole situation typifies the 
poor state of scientific knowledge that I observe in our society. It 
was suggested that someone from New Jersey visit the school and 
discuss the issue with the teachers and students. The problem I feel 
is greater. We as a society really need to look at our training in 
school. The push is for computer literacy. Cooincidentally, another 
recent article in the papers here talked about what students look at 
on the computer web. There was very little on science. Just junk. 
I recently talked to the high school physics teacher who was trying 
to sell Nird Cards which illustrate the greats of science. I listened 
to his struggle to get governmental officials to promote the fact 
that it is not negative to be considered a brain and smart. He was 
met with indifference. If science education is not pushed and is not 
considered an area in which we need to advance I can see the NJ high 
school situation as just part of the norm in a scientifically  
ignorant society. Sorry for the mood. I guess I am just thinking of 
the fact that I did not continue with teaching physics (for which I 
got my certificate) because I did not want to be a baby sitter to indifferent kids.

Bob Milwicz