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Re: "Beware Low-Level Radiation"

On Fri, 9 May 1997, Otto G. Raabe wrote:

> May 7, 1997
> Washington, DC
> "Beware Low-Level Radiation" is the heading of two letters on page A24 of
> today's Washington Post newspaper. The first letter from Marvin Resnikoff is
> a well-stated anti-nuclear analysis that is based almost exclusively on the
> work of RERF and ICRP. It directly criticizes HPS position paper on LNT. The
> author is a career anti-nuclear physicist whose book "Living With Landfills"
> was described as "biased" in an NCRP report. The second letter is by Arlie
> Schardt, who describes himself as the executive director of a nonprofit
> environmental organization.
> These two letter deserve careful evaluation by anyone involved in the LNT
> controversy.

	--Can someone post these letters on RADSAFE and give address
to whom we can respond?