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RE: Tc-99m sulfur colloid for lymphoscintigraphy

Regarding David Engelbretson's post, you have to ask the FDA.  NRC
regulates the safety of the work, but does not regulate the actual medical
use.  Use of radioactive materials is a medical procedure, and is
prescribed similarly to any other diagnostic or therapeutic procedure -
based on medical necessity, benefit of the procedure, etc.  NRC does not
make determinations directly as to the benefit of medical procedures.  As
I recall, that's part of the reason they eased up recently on reporting of
medical misadministrations.

George R. Cicotte
Health Physicist III
Ohio Department of Health
Bureau of Radiation Protection
Low-Level Radioactive Waste Section

DISCLAIMER:  The Governor and I don't necessarily agree on official
statements - this is mine, and as such unofficial
Date: 13/05/97 12:46 PM
To: Mike Bohan
From: radsafe@romulus.ehs.uiuc.edu
Does anyone know if Tc-99m sulfur colloid is approved for
lymphoscintigraphy?  I have been informed that since it is not
specifically stated in the package insert, it is not approved for this
use according to regulatory authorities.  Thank you.

David Engelbretson
Department of Medical Physics
The Methodist Hospital
Houston, Texas