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Re[2]: SL-1 accident

     The Code 105.4 (Radiation Training) audiovisual library at Mare Island
     Naval Shipyard had exactly that item 13 years ago when I arranged and
     cataloged it.  I don't recall for certain whether it was a direct copy
     or a capture of a broadcast, but video versions may already be out
     there.  Alas, MINSY was on the base closure list and so there is no
     one there to ask, as far as I know. I queried directory assistance for
     the head of the organization at the time I left, and was told that
     there was no listing.

     On a related note, I spoke to John Horan to mention this discussion to
     him and to ask him if he would like copies.  (He's not on the net.) I
     will be passing along printouts of the main posts in this thread.

     Dave Neil

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Subject: Re: SL-1 accident
Date:    9/12/97 11:23 AM

Any chance of getting the film converted to video and duplicated.  It
represents great history and shouldn't be lost.  I could do it in a heartbeat
in an earlier life.  For a good visual aids/video production  department, this
is a no-brainer.
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