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Re: Dosimeters and Phantoms

Brian Gaulke
04/01/98 05:15 PM

There was an article in the latest issue of Radiation Protection Dosimetry
which should have the information you're looking for.

gunterrj @ hotmail.com on 98/04/01 17:18:06

Please respond to radsafe@romulus.ehs.uiuc.edu

To:   radsafe @ romulus.ehs.uiuc.edu
cc:    (bcc: Brian Gaulke)
Subject:  Dosimeters and Phantoms

Does anyone out there know of a paper, article, or other reference
regarding the relative response of a dosimeter or other dose measuring
instrument when backed by the following phantom types:
ICRU Sphere
PMMA Solid Phantom 30X30X15 cm
ISO Phantom:  PMMA filled with water, above dimensions for perimeter,
2.5mm PMMA on the front face, 10mm PMMA for the other sides.
I am trying to get a number to use for measuring deep dose H(10).  I
have data using the solid PMMA and want to get a number to compare it
with the other two geometries.
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