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Re: Activation Calculations


Trace elements that are capable of activation may be present in very low
percentages and as a result, not listed in most tables because they are not
important from a metallurgical standpoint.   A good approach is to contact
the metallurgical lab supervisor of the specific metal maker (e.g.,
stainless steel producer, inconel, zircalloy, etc.) and ask them what their
"residuals" are for the elements of interest.   They would have the best
feel for the low concentrations.  For example, in carbon steel some
unwanted elements may have residuals in the part per billion to a few parts
per million range. 

Tony LaMastra

> From: Al Wolff <alwolff@ies.iec-energy.com>
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> Subject: Activation Calculations
> Date: Thursday, April 02, 1998 6:29 AM
> Does anyone know of a good reference having the compositions by weight
> percent of trace elements (such as cobalt) in metals such as the
> stainless steels, zircalloys. etc. 
> This would be for use in performing activation calculations. I have found
> several references showing the main constituents but finding the cobalt
> content is another story.
> Thanks in advance.
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