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Steel Compositions


A good reference I've seen was "Structure, Strength, & Radiation 
Damage of Corrosion-Resistant Steels and Alloys," by A. M. Parshin.

You should be able to obtain this text from the American Nuclear 
Society.  The ISBN No. is:0-89448-563-6
ANS Order # 690050.

I also remember one of my Nuclear Engineering texts containing a few 
stainless steel compositions that had cobalt constituents.  Can't 
remember right now which one, and REALLY don't want to dive into 
those packed boxes of reference material in storage.  If I 
remember or find it, I'll forward the other reference to you.

Hope this will help.

> From: Al Wolff <alwolff@ies.iec-energy.com>
> Subject: Activation Calculations

> Does anyone know of a good reference having the compositions by weight
> percent of trace elements (such as cobalt) in metals such as the Inconels,
> stainless steels, zircalloys. etc. ?
Bernadette Baca

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