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34th Annual Meeting Contractors Transportation Management Association


Although more oriented to the business aspects of
transportation, the draft agenda for this meeting
does consider details of general interest such as
handling of Type B packages, etc. This information
is off of the DOE National Transportation Program's
FaxBack system.




Contractors Transportation
Management Association

July 19 through 23, 1998

Transportation and Procurement Interface

The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Lawrence
Livermore National Laboratory, and Sandia National
Laboratory are pleased to announce that they will
be hosting the 34th annual conference of the
Contractors Transportation Management Association
(CTMA) on July 19-23, 1998, at Stanford University.

"Transportation and Procurement Interface" is this
year's CTMA conference theme. Deregulation has
brought about bottom-line opportunities. If the
Transportation and Procurement functions can
interact effectively, there is a great potential
for generation of cost savings and quality of
service improvements. These two functions should
be located as closely together and as high in the
organizational hierarchy as is practical.

If you have a topic consistent with the above theme
that you would like to present or exhibit at the
upcoming CTMA conference, contact Ed Norwood,
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) at
(650) 926-3689 immediately!

We plan to include presentations and exhibits from
commercial companies on this year's agenda as well.

Your participation is vital to the success of CTMA
and is worth your effort in overcoming any budgeting
or scheduling issues that may hinder your
participation in the conference. We look forward to
sharing amongst our Transportation and Procurement
colleagues at Stanford University in July 1998!


The CTMA 34th Annual Meeting announcement and draft
agenda may be viewed on the Web at the following URL: