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PAB and Vapor Containment Access Control

Our plant is a commercial power Pressurized Water Reactor design.  

We currently control access to the radiologically controlled area to two
primary areas, the Primary Auxiliary Building ( PAB ) and the reactor
building ( VC ).  Our access control system consist of a turnstile system
that is activated by a bar code on the back of the TLD which is controlled
through an RWP system.

We've encounter problems with people wanting to traverse from one
area to the other after they have already entered the RCA.

In an effort to simplify the process, we are considering the use of one
turnstile for ALL entries into the RCA, PAB & VC.  


1 )  Is there anyone that controls access to the RCA in this manner (
Example, 1 main access to the RCA ) ?

2 )  How do you ensure that people in the areas are on the proper RWP ?

3 ) Do you use RWPs that allow access to both areas ?

4 )  How do you differentiate between dose in the PAB and the VC for
RWPs that allow access to both areas.

5 ) Do you allow traversing through one RCA to another RCA even
though the RWP that you sign in on is specific to the 2nd RCA.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Please reply to

Ron LaVera