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Canberra Industries will be holding their 1998 Users' Group meeting June 1-5 a 
the Fort Magruder Inn in Williamsburg, VA.

The meeting will consist of 2 days of training followed by 2 1/2 days of 
presentations by users and Canberra personnel on current nuclear topics of 
interest.  Lou Marcoccio, Year 2000 (Y2K) Research Director for the Gartner 
Group and a recognized expert in Y2K issues, will provide the meeting's keynote 
address and facilitate a Y2K breakout session.  Mr. Marcoccio chairs the global 
Y2K Users' Group, is a member of the European Y2K Committee, and has testified 
before Congress in the issue.

Each morning's sessions will be of general interest to all attendees, while the 
afternoon breakout sessions will cover topics such as alpha spectroscopy, in 
situ measurements, gamma spectroscopy, Year 200 issues, etc.

We will also be offering a free tour of the Thomas Jefferson National 
Accelerator Facility (CEBAF) which is a research laboratory built to probe the 
nucleus of the atom to learn more about the quark structure of matter.

The general Users' Group is free to all attendees, with attendees responsible 
for travel and accommodation costs.  There is a nominal charge for specific 
training seminars.

For more information, call Rob Chudzik at 203-639-2363, Email 
rchudzik@canberra.com, or visit our web site at www.canberra.com.