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Dear Radsafe and Medphys colleagues:

 I'm "madder than a wet hen" about some "educational" material that is 
broadcast by HSTN (Hospital...Network) for recording and release in 
member hospitals.  This program has appeared again after a lengthy 
discussion with the Director of Education about the inappropriateness of 
the content - infact downright misinformation. (Tc99 therapy?  Little 
pieces of radium that can get under your fingernails when you serve a 
food tray to an implant patient,  which might be eugenic or 
carcinogenic... give me a break!)  Anyway, I had a nice discussion with 
her back in november of last year, and she seemed interested in obtaining 
a professional editing of these things... but that was the last I hear of 
it.  And now they have released it again!  actually, its a two part 
series, but they content is very similar - Part one is "radiation Safety 
in Housekeeping" and part 2 is "Radiation Safety in Dietary".  I would 
LOVE to mail copies of this thing to anyone who's interested in what's 
being produces for our (already scared to death of radiation) ancillary 
hospital staff.  Any takers?

RADSAFERS: Please e-mail me privately, as I've dropped my list 
subscription due to time constraints (its all so interestin, I can't help 
but read it, even if it doesn't apply directly to my work.  The only way 
to cure such an addiction was to quit "cold turkey".)
MEDPHYS:  either way - list if you think anyone else cares,or to me 
privately if you prefer.

Name: Laura O'Neill, MS, DABR
Hays Medical Center
2220 Canterbury Rd.
Hays, KS  67601
VOICE 785-623-5756
FAX 785-623-5752 
E-mail: loneill@Haysmed.com
Date: 4/20/98
Time: 11:51:11 AM