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FW: Whiteshell


Please note that in my posting, I miss-spelled Larry Shewchuk's name
which in turn makes his e-mail incorrect.

Correct spelling is Shewchuk and e-mail is shewchukl@aecl.ca.

My apologies for any inconveniences.


> ----------
> From: 	Lamothe, Emelie
> Sent: 	Thursday, April 02, 1998 8:53 AM
> To: 	'radsafe'
> Cc: 	Shewchuk, Larry; Smith, Patricia (CRL)
> Subject: 	Whiteshell
> I was asked to post this on behalf of Larry Shewchuck, WL Public
> Affairs.  He's the spokesperson on this.  Further queries can be
> forwarded to him at (204) 753-2311, ext. 2939.  or at
> shewchuckl@aecl.ca
> Emelie Lamothe
> lamothee@aecl.ca
> _______________________________
> AECL Whiteshell has laid off about 270 staff. Of this number, about
> 135 took early retirement.
> The layoffs were entirely due to the final phase of the Canadian
> government's Program Review process. This process is aimed at helping
> the Canadian government reduce its budgetary deficit. AECL's share of
> government funding is being reduced from $177 million to $100 million.
> With a reduction of this amount it is inevitable that layoffs would
> result.
> The layoffs are not triggered by the recent release of a report by a
> public review panel, appointed by government, to review AECL's concept
> for deep geological disposal of Canada's nuclear fuel waste, as has
> been suggested in an e-mail posting.
> Larry Shewchuk
> Public Affairs - WL