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	I was asked to post this on behalf of Larry Shewchuck, WL Public
Affairs.  He's the spokesperson on this.  Further queries can be
forwarded to him at (204) 753-2311, ext. 2939.  or at shewchuckl@aecl.ca

	Emelie Lamothe


AECL Whiteshell has laid off about 270 staff. Of this number, about 135
took early retirement.

The layoffs were entirely due to the final phase of the Canadian
government's Program Review process. This process is aimed at helping
the Canadian government reduce its budgetary deficit. AECL's share of
government funding is being reduced from $177 million to $100 million.
With a reduction of this amount it is inevitable that layoffs would

The layoffs are not triggered by the recent release of a report by a
public review panel, appointed by government, to review AECL's concept
for deep geological disposal of Canada's nuclear fuel waste, as has been
suggested in an e-mail posting.

	Larry Shewchuk
	Public Affairs - WL