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STCHPS Annual Meeting

Texas A&M University, College Station

Friday, May 1, 1998
Executive Council Meeting, 7:30 p.m.
Room 342, Zachry Engineering Center, Texas A&M University

Saturday, May 2, 1998
Annual Meeting, 8:30 a.m.
George Bush Library Conference Center Theater

Saturday Agenda

8:30 a.m.	Call to Order President-Elect A. J. Teachout, in George
		Bush Presidential Conference Center Theater
8:30-8:45	Conductivity Monitoring for Leak Detection in Double-
		Walled Plutonium Containers, Mark Nelson, TAMU (G)
8:45-9:00	Use of Two Dosimeters for Better Estimation of
		Effective Dose Equivalent, Chan-Hyeong Kim, TAMU (G)
9:00-9:15	Fault-tree Analysis of Reported-Dose Errors Associated
		with Film Badge Readings, Janet McCrary, TAMU (U)
9:15-9:30	Survey of Education and Experience of Health Physicists
		from Various Backgrounds, Larry Krisanits, TAMU (U)
9:30-9:45	Nuclear Power Generation in the Next Millennium,
		Christopher Comfort, TAMU

9:45-10-15	Break

10:15-10:30	Status of Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal
		Efforts, Susan Jablonski, Texas LLRWDA
10:30-10:45	A Field Method For Validating Estimated P-32
		Activities in Solid Radioactive Waste, Richard Costello,
10:45-11:00	Radon Concentration Measurements in South-Central
		Texas Water Supplies, David Hearnsberger, TAMU (U)
11:00-11:15	Global Status of Nuclear Weapons, Ian Hamilton, TAMU
11:15-11:30	Environmental and Agricultural Impact of Accidents
		Postulated for Missions Proposed for the USDOE Pantex
		Plant, Kenneth Krieger, TAMU (G)

11:30-1:30	Luncheon with Invited Lecture:  Public Health Aspects
		of Health Physics.  The Guest Speaker is Herman Cember,
		Ph.D., Northwestern University

1:30-1:45	Monte Carlo Calculations of the Energy Deposition of
		Correlated Electrons from 1 MeV Alpha Particles,
		Russell DePriest, TAMU (G)
1:45-2:00	Metabolic Modeling for Deposition of Transuranic
		Elements on Bone Surfaces, Donald Halter, TAMU (G)
2:00-2:15	Interleukin-1 Promoter Activation by Ionizing Radiation
		is Mediated by Ionizing Radiation by Nuclear Factor-kB,
		Raegan Hunt, TAMU (G)
2:15-2:30	Student Presentation, UTSA-HSC (G)
2:30-3:00	Tritium Exposures, Pete Myers, Texas BRC

3:00-5:00	Tour, George Bush Presidential Library

5:00-5:30	Business Meeting in George Bush Presidential
		Conference Center Theater

5:30-7:30	Dinner with Invited Lecturer:  Cassini Launch
		Radiological Support.  The Guest Speaker is Mr. George
		Marmaro, Radiation Protection Manager, Kennedy Space

(U) Denotes Undergraduate Student Status (G) Denotes Graduate Student 

Lunch:  Baked Cajun Catfish and Roast Turkey Buffet
Dinner:  Texas Barbecue

Hotel accommodations have been arranged through Super 8 in College 
Station, 301 S. Texas Avenue, Bryan, 77803 (just north of the 
University Drive/Texas Avenue intersection on the righthand side of 
Texas Avenue).  Call before April 15, 1998, to make reservations:  
(409) 846-8800.  Rooms being held under the group name "Health 
Physics" are non-smoking rooms, but a smoking room may be requested 
at the time of registration.  Rates:  $54/single occupancy, 
$55/double occupancy.  However, if you fill out an application for 
their VIP program at the time you check-in (sign-up is free), then 
the rate drops to $45/single occupancy, $49/double occupancy.  Call 
early because there are a limited number of rooms that are being held 
for the Health Physics Society.

If driving directly to the George Bush Presidential Conference Center 
travelling on Highway 21, take the 2818 exit (Bryan, South) to George 
Bush Drive.  The conference center is visible from the intersection 
of 2818 and George Bush Drive.

Registration Fees:

Technical Session Only $10
Lunch or Dinner Only $16
Technical Session and Lunch $26
Technical Session and Dinner $26
Technical Session, Lunch and Dinner $40

Technical Session Only $15
Lunch or Dinner Only $18
Technical Session and Lunch $32
Technical Session and Dinner $32
Technical Session, Lunch and Dinner $45

Technical Session Only Free
Lunch or Dinner Only $5
Technical Session and Lunch $5
Technical Session and Dinner $5
Technical Session, Lunch and Dinner $10

Pre-Registrations should include Name, Mailing Address, E-mail 
Address, Phone Number and Check; and should be mailed to:

Susan Jablonski
South Texas Chapter Health Physics Society
7701 N. Lamar, Suite 300
Austin, TX  78752

Note:   Licensed Medical Physicists and Medical Radiological 
Technologists attending the Technical Sessions will receive "at 
least" 6.0 Continuing Education Credits.

Note:  Registration, lunch and/or dinner fees will not be refunded 
for any cancellations made after April 24, 1998.  Registration at the 
door, if room or meals are available, has a $10 added fee (to 
encourage you to get your reservation in on time so we can plan the 
number of meals needed and not waste a lot of the chapter's money).

Note:  For maps of how to find the buildings in which meetings will 
be held on the TAMU Campus, see the TAMU web site at 
www.tamu.edu/map/building and select either Zachry Engineering Center 
or Bush School of Government & Public Service Conference Center.

Pete Myers, Cf, Med & Acad Licensing
Bureau Rad Control, Texas Dept Hlth
Phone (512) 834-6688 (FAX 834-6690)