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re: Activation Calculations

     You wrote:
     Does anyone know of a good reference having the compositions by weight 
     percent of trace elements (such as cobalt) in metals such as the 
     Inconels, stainless steels, zircalloys. etc. 
     This would be for use in performing activation calculations. I have 
     found several references showing the main constituents but finding the 
     cobalt content is another story.
     Thanks in advance.
     Albert W. Wolff Jr.
     Health Physics
     Duane Arnold Energy Center
     3277 DAEC Road
     Palo, IA 52324
     A great reference that I've used for activation analysis is the ASM 
     Metal Handbooks.  I believe it's a 17 volume set (??) with many common 
     and uncommon alloys, etc.  In fact, I think it contains approximately 
     50 different grades of stainless steel.
     You should be able to get it directly from ASM, or I would suspect a 
     local University Science/Engineering library would have a set.
     Dennis G. Stallsmith, M.S.
     Radiation Safety Officer
     General Dynamics Land Systems
     (810) 825-5767