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RE: AECL Whiteshell

The AECL Whiteshell layoffs are, unfortunately, not an April Fools joke.
They are the result of Federal Government funding cuts, initiated a
couple of years ago. Efforts to privatize some activities at Whiteshell
have not yet been successful, and the time ran out on funding.  

AECL Chalk River Laboratories have also had their Federal funding
reduced, and we are currently going through layoffs at the Chalk River
site also.  I don't know at this time how many people have been laid off
at Chalk River, and further staff reductions may be necessary if we are
faced with additional reductions in research funding from other

None of these layoffs are a direct result of the assessment of the long
term waste disposal plan.

Sara M. Carlisle
Radiation Biology and Health Physics Branch
AECL, Chalk River Laboratories
Chalk River, ON K0J 1J0

phone (613) 584-8811 extn 3667
fax        (613) 584-1713
email   carlisles@aecl.ca

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> I do not know if this is an April Fools joke or not, and I hope it is
> one.
> I just received information that AECL Whiteshell laid off about 250
> people
> out of about 580 yesterday.
> What was reported to me was, "This is in at least partial response to
> the
> Canadian review panel's report released a few weeks ago.  The report
> says,
> in essence, although the current AECL disposal concept is fine
> technically,
> it lacks adequate social acceptance to proceed into the site selection
> phase."
> Does anyone else have confirmatory information on this layoff ?
> Oops, the laws of netiquette regulate that I include my personal info.
> Kevin J. Shenk
> Lead Health Physicist
> Kevin_shenk@notes.ymp.gov