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Monograph on Radiation and Human Health

        This repeat message contains the e-mail and fax numbers of the
publisher which were not available to the undersigned at the time of the
original posting.

      We would like to inform that full peer reviewed papers of the
International Conference on Radiation and Health, which was held just over
a year ago atthe Ben Gurion University of the Negev and Soroka Medical
Center, Beer Sheva, Israel, during November 1996, have been published as a
supplement entitled "Radiation and Human Health", in Environmental Health
Perspectives Vol 105, Suppl 6, December 1997.

        Subject areas include; health physics and dosimetry, biological
indicators of radiation exposure, radiobiology, thyroid reactions and
cancer, population exposure epidemiology, psychosocial aspects,
non-ionizing radiation, role of international organizations, risk analysis,
legal aspects and policy.

        Copies may be obtained from:

        OCR Subscription Services
        Attn: Order Processing
        PO Box 12510
        Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-2510, USA

        For price and further details, the  contact person is Belinda Cobbs
at +1-919-541-3841. The fax number for OCR is 1 919 541 0763 and the e-mail
address is cobbs@niehs.nih.gov.

        Mike Quastel and John Goldsmith, Eds
        Inst of Nuclear Medicine and Dept of Epidemiology
        Soroka Medical Center and Faculty of Health Sciences,
        Ben Gurion University of the Negev
        POB 151 Beer Sheva, Israel 84101