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Re: Health Physics Scholarships for 1998

                              April 13, 1998
         Undergraduate Health Physics Students,
         The Nuclear Suppliers Association and the Power Reactor Section of 
         the Health Physics Society are again sponsoring $1000 scholarships 
         for undergraduate students in health physics programs.  Applicants 
         may be from either two year or four year schools.
         Complete the application below and snail mail as directed to enter 
         your application for a 1998 scholarship award.
         Hard copy applications have been sent to many schools and will soon 
         be available in the Health Physics Society Newsletter.
         Dick Warnock
         Scholarship Committee Chairman
         (714) 368-6784 
                           SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION
                   Power Reactor Health Physics Section
                         Health Physics Society
SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION:  To place your name in consideration for a Power 
Reactor Health Physics Scholarship, please complete the application below and 
mail it to Dick Warnock at the address listed below.  Awards are made annually 
and may be renewed once by submitting a new application the following year.
1.   Name:  __________________________________________________________
            Last                    First               Middle Initial
2.   Address:  _______________________________________________________
               City                 State               Zip Code
               ________________________     __________________________ 
               Telephone                    E-Mail Address
3.   College:  _______________________________________________________
     Address:  _______________________________________________________
               City                  State               Zip Code
4.   Undergraduate
     Level:    _______________________________________________________
               Two-Year College         Junior/4 Yrs   Senior/4 Yrs
               GPA: _________/4.0       or        __________/6.0
5.   Submit a 500 word essay on why you are interested in a professional
     career in Power Reactor Health Physics.  Include information on 
     relevant work experience or a resume describing your experience.
6.   Submit one letter of recommendation from your faculty advisor.
7.   Submit a copy of your transcripts.
SPONSORS:           Nuclear Suppliers Association
                    Power Reactor Health Physics Section
                      of Health Physics Society
ELIGIBILITY:        Two-year college program or Junior or
                    Senior undergraduate students enrolled 
                    in a health physics degree program at a
                    college or university in the United States
AWARD:              Five awards of up to $1,000 each (subject to adequate
DUE:                June 1, 1998
                    Dick Warnock
                    HP Scholarships
                    San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station 
                    P.O. Box 128
                    San Clemente, CA 92672