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Static Magnetic Fields in MRI suite where unit was removed

A friend has contacted me with an interesting question.  She is in charge 
of an Imaging department in which a MRI unit was recently removed and a 
new one was located in an adjacent room.  The management wishes to use 
the old MRI room for another use such as office space.  However, the room 
is still magnetized.  The service people have tried to "deGauss" it twice 
and have lowered the readings to 1 - 4 Gauss depending on position in the 

We would like to know if these levels should be considered safe for 
employees.  Are there any established limits for exposure to static 
magnetic fields such as this?  If so, what are they and which entity 
recommends/enforces them?  Would anyone like to comment on the 
possibility of effects on equipment such as computers, disks, CRT's, 
pacemakers, etc.