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Re: Radiation Badges

> Can anyone give me the name and phone number of a supplier of direct
> reading thermoluminescent dosimeters? I remember from a class I took
> several years ago that they look somewhat like a pen light that you can
> look through to determine daily exposure to radiation.  Are there any
> other similar self reading monitors on the market?

Yes, there is one developed in Hungary for space dosimetry. It's name 
is PILLE. For more informatiom contact:
Sandor Deme  
email: deme@sunserv.kfki.hu

Jozsef Ronaky            e-mail:ronaky@npp.hu
emergency preparedness   fax:(36)75313034
manager                  phone:(36)75508610 (work)
Paks Nuclear Power Plant       (36)75421909 (home)
Paks P.O.Box 71
Hungary H-7031

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